Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running Improvements since February

I think I'm becoming a running addict.. seriously. Kids that are in my Youth Group have heard me say when I first got to Winnemucca a little over a year ago, that "Running makes me angry" cause I hated the idea.. It's funny what a year will do.. but anyway, I started running just to lose weight, but now I'm up to running 3-5 days a week with distances varying from no shorter then 3 miles and up to 8 miles(which I actually will run next week, my longest run so far has been 7 miles).

I use twitter which updated my facebook status, and I tweet the results of almost every run I do. Before I had my Garmin 405cx watch I would just record the time and distance(which I measured in the beginning by driving my car around the block, and then I found thanks to my brother-in-law J.. But either way I'd like to show you the tweets from February and how they compare to the past couple of weeks.. I think the improvement is staggering, but that's just me

This is my first official 5k distance run without stopping

This is my PR(Personal Record) which I ran last tuesday

This was the first time I ran 5 miles and thought I was going to die

This is my new PR for the 5 mile

That's a almost a 9 minute improvement for both distances in just about 2 months... Man there's a lot of potential here.

I'm sorry if it seems I'm being egotistical, I'm not trying to be.. One of the main reasons I update so often is because I know that the more people that know I'm doing this means the more people that will hold me accountable, whether verbally or non-verbally. If you're annoyed with my constant updates, that's fine, I can't be offended, so hide me.. I might get annoyed if I saw so many run updates too.

Either way, thank you for holding me accountable.. Tomorrow I'll post some short term, long term and ongoing goals in my running future. ok bye.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I had an encounter with an Animorph

So as many of you know, I've been running quite regularly lately, I'm up to 3 miles 3 times a week and two longer runs for the other two days (This week it's a 5 mile run and a 7 mile run).. Last week is what I would call a complete failure to complete my running training.. I ended up only running one time and that's it.. I was pretty good at making excuses too.

So this week I decided to start anew.. to actually run all 5 times on the days that I wanted to run.. I had previously failed and crammed my runs in during the other weeks because I would never run on Monday (who knows why)... But either way, I got up Monday Morning and ran 3.1 miles, and it felt good. I think it was the first time I actually felt like a real runner. I was still really slow, but that'll be the way it is until I continue to lose the weight. I felt good.. My heart rate was right where it was supposed to be, I felt like my stride was actually "runnerish".. I don't know how else to explain it, but it was good.

So this morning I got up and changed Joshua's diaper, cause Corrie can't do it lately because of excess (pregnancy)nausea in the morning, and got dressed drank some water and headed out for my run fulling expecting a repeat of yesterday. My watch was at 20% battery, so I had to conserve and run a route that I knew was very close to 3.1 miles so I wouldn't have to continually check my distance (I get pretty OCD about it).. You can see the route if you click the link at the bottom.. If you look at the map (via the link) you'll see that at about half way through my route I turned right onto "Westmoreland Rd".. This is a main two lane paved road (I emphasize the fact that it's paved because a lot of the roads around here are just dirt and gravel). As I was running, feeling really good about the fact that I can run 3 miles without any trouble at all, listening to my "Emery" Pandora channel I saw a large bird fly over my head, pretty closely.. I said to myself, that looks like a seagull at first glance, but that's a crazy idea cause there's no seagulls in the middle of the desert. So the bird landed on the tree I was directly adjacent to and screeched, I was able to see it up close and know that it was a massive hawk..

:sidebar: My thought process when I realized it was actually a hawk;

I always loved looking for hawks when I was a kid.. You were always able to spot them in the winter in Upstate NY because all the trees lost their leaves, and hawks are large and easily noticeable. It was actually a game that my sister, my dad and me would play whenever we were driving on the highway with trees lining the road on either side for a majority of the ride, we would see who could spot the most hawks.. It was fun.. Hawks also remind me of the book series "Animorphs" where kids have the ability to turn into an animal that they touch, but they can only stay that animal for a limited time because if they "morph" for too long they become that animal. One kid morphed into a red tail hawk and forever was a hawk(unless he changed back in later books, who knows I never read too many). Also seeing the hawk reminded me of the book "My side of the Mountain" in which a kid runs away from home in the redwood forest region of the country, makes a home in a redwood tree, and then catches a Hawkling/egglet/whatever you call baby hawks, and trains it to hunt for him, and basically be his companion

:end sidebar:

Then, Suddenly amidst my reminiscing I felt something whoosh by my head and saw the hawk continue to fly over me, but closer this time. Now in the adrenaline/endorphin filled moment of running, and a hawk flying this close to me I really want to say that I felt the tail feathers of the bird come in contact with my head.. After further review and with a calmer heart rate I've come to the conclusion that what I felt was a rush of air caused by the hawk. Because if that hawk really hit me I would have known it.

So now I've realized that the hawk isn't too happy with me innocently jogging on Westmoreland Road, I looked ahead and saw that there was tree with a massive nest in it and figured that it was a protective mother.. Was the bird blind? Did it really expect a 250lb man to climb 25 feet into the air to threaten its nest, maybe if I was sub 200..

The hawk landed on the next tree and screeched and I ran past it more cautiously and turned my head to see it takeoff from the tree and start heading for me again.. this time it was definitely much closer to me, and I had to duck to avoid it as it zoomed past me while screeching to land in the next tree.. This Hawk was really mad at me.. But I continued running.. And it came at me again, this time I really picked up my pace and ran to other side of the road(in retrospect I should have done this much earlier) and got clear of the trees that contained this hawks' nest I continued my run and finished 3.1 miles in 33:23 which is about a 10:46 pace (slow, but my average lately).. I got home and told Corrie the story, Of course it was laden with over-exaggerations of how it actually attacked me and how I fended it off with my bare hands (you can't blame me, the endorphins were still pumping)

As I sat uploading my run data onto the computer I asked Corrie if she would go take a picture of the hawk, cause I was almost positive that it would still be there (I asked Corrie, not because I was afraid of the Hawk, but because she's a much better photographer then I will ever be). Alas the Hawk wasn't there, it must not have viewed Corrie as a threat or could sense that Corrie was with child and could directly relate with the Hawk on some weird level. But she did get a picture of the massive nest, which is right here. you can probably zoom it in to get a better look.

I'm going to run that way tomorrow too to see if the hawk tries to attack me again.. I bet if I got a stuffed hawk or some other type of bird of prey and put it on a long pole I could get the Hawk to attack it, but that would take too much time, but it's fun to think about what would happen..

Ok that's all I have to say about that.. What do you think about when you see a hawk? My side of the Mountain? Hawk spotting? Animorphs? Something else? I'd love to hear what you think.. check out the link to see where it all went down.. ok bye.

3.1 miles in 33:23.. I got dive bombed by a hawk 3x's too by joshmaxwellyp at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, March 14, 2010

But as for me, I trust in You

Last night at around 8:20pm I watched a little 1 year old boy pass into the loving arms of our Savior. I stood there, prayed with the family, cried with the family and asked God what my purpose in this should be.

As I drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Winnemucca I had a lot of time to think even among conversing with my friend and fellow elder from our church.

This morning I'm supposed to preach, and I had prepared a sermon on dealing with temptation, and I was 90% ready to give it, but God was telling me, "Josh you need to preach on grief" So at 11:30pm when I walked through the door, completely exhausted, not only because of the long drive, but because I've been at church all weekend for a lock-in for our Mission Team that is going to Zambia this summer (this all equals no sleep). But anyway, I walked through the door with full intentions that I would prepare a sermon on dealing with grief, and mourning.

My sinful self, said, well I can prepare this while I lay in bed, then I hit the bed and my sinful self said, "you're ready for your sermon on Temptation, and you're gonna lose an hour of sleep anyway, just go to sleep" It's so much easier to sin.

God had different plans and he woke me up at 1:30 and said "Grief", and at 2:30 "Mourning" and at 3:30 "Why aren't you listening to me?" and at 4:30 "Get up and do as I say"

So I did.. and he gave me the Scripture

Please pray for me this morning as I will be sharing the story of David and his son Absalom, and be looking how David dealt with mourning through Psalm 55.. This is completely a God thing, and I need to trust Him. So much easier to say that then do it. Thank you.

"But as for me, I trust in You" -Psalm 55:23

Thursday, February 25, 2010

weight loss progress

These are pictures that people have been asking me about.. I've actually lost 15-20 more pounds since taking these pictures, but I still think they're unbelievable.. Warning.. no shirt.

Week 1 Profile

Week 11 Profile

Week 1 Front

Week 11 Front

As of today I'm down a total of 44 pounds.. rock rock on.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I saw this post over at ( I edited his list a bit, but liked a lot of them)

I'm not trying to bash lent or those who are participating in sacrificing something that keeps them from a stronger relationship with Christ.. and I think that there's nothing that we can sacrifice that would equal the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross..

I just think that this is a good list that shows how good I am at abstaining from so many things..


ferel cat adoption
miley cyrus music
michael jackson gloves
driving under the speed limit
reading chick lit
putting my tongue in fans
watching the movie “little women”
stamp collecting
running for political office
taunting babies
launching my rap career
nude banjo playing
climbing mt everest
buying gold bullion
thong underwear
my search for the “lost” island
stove pipe hats
parachute pants
jam sessions with U2 in my basement
constructing a scale model of ancient jerusalem out of mike & ikes
vampire hunting
amateur brain surgery
freeing willy

Hopefully all that are participating in lent are handling their sacrifices well, and able to re-focus on their relationship with Christ.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

week 10 update with a well deserved explanation

So the two people who actually read this blog might have wondered where the regular posts have been.. I said when I began this that I would attempt to update this on a fairly regular basis. I initially did plan on this but because after my second week I decided not to because it would be broadcast to the members of my church who pledged money..not that I didn't want them to be updated, but I wanted them to be fully surprised with the actual amount of weight I've lost..

The reason that I'm writing this blog now is two-fold.. I can't fall asleep and because of what I think is the greatest physical feat I've ever achieved.. as I've written in the past i ve been working on "the couch to 5k" program to give me something to work towards during my weight loss journey, it has been going great, its been 3 weeks since I've done any interval runs and I've been running for longer periods of time at one.. last week I decided to not follow the prescribed time period for running, which happened to be 28 minutes and see if I could complete the entire 3.1 miles to see what my time would be.. I did it with some intermittent walking and my end time was 40:28 which breaks down to about a twelve and a half minute/mile pace..I thought it was good, that I was able to do it especially because I could hardly run 60 seconds without wanting to jump in front of cars to end my miserable existence 9 weeks ago.. I did this a couple of days in a row with the same results.. and I felt semi-discouraged, I wanted to be fffaster.. I think that's just my competitive nature, and I should have just been satisfied with what I've accomplished thus far.

But because of my discouragement I called my brother-in-law J who's really into running and asked what his experience and opinion were on what was going on.. he told me that I shouldn't worry about time, but just building up my endurance, which I agreed with, but he did say in passing that to improve his time he just went a little bit faster, not crazy fast.. I had never thought of it this way, and looking back on the past week or so I figured out that as I tried to increase my speed I ended up over exerting myself and ultimately ended up going much slower to compensate or had to walk for a little bit..


Today I wanted to put what j had said into practice.. just go a little bit faster and it worked... I ended up completing the 3.1 miles in 35:47 which averages out to be around 11:30/mile I was so excited, I ended up shaving a whole minute off what I had previously recorded and felt absolutely great, I shouted YES so loud outside my house that corrie could hear me from inside and thought that I was injured or something.. it was overall great feeling of accomplishment.. I in now way expect to go out there on Monday and see another couple of minutes shaved off my time, but feel confident that this new perspective has changed how I will run.

So that's my greatest physical achievement.. it might not seem like much to some, but its all I can claim.. I look forward to reporting better results in the weeks to come.

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes as I typed this all on my phone.

Ok bye.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 1 Weigh in

So here it is my week 1 weigh in... I really can't believe it's been one week.. What else I can't believe is how much I lost.

My initial weight was 295.4 lbs
And when I weighed in this morning I was 282.2 lbs
total weight loss: 13.2 lbs
total percentage of weight loss was 4.4%

It's pretty amazing.. and I can't really believe it.. but with hard work and eating right it happened.. I know that a portion of this was water weight loss and I don't look to have this kind of loss next week, but any weight loss is a good.. Well that's about it... here's the pictures

I am a Loser update 12.10.09 and Week 1 Recap

Today started off not so good. I had planned on going swimming this morning, and I didn't wake up until 5:30.. that's the exact time I need to be at the pool to be able to lift weights and swim.. so I ended up going to the weight room, lifting weights, chest, back and legs and then came home to go for a run. Today a switch was hit in me that made jogging so much easier.. Like I've said before. I've wanted to quit before I've finished my full circuit of running/walking, but today when I finished my 8th run, I felt like I could keep on going.. I did not however because I didn't want to over exert myself to quickly.. So after I finished running, I walked for about 20 minutes and decided to try another full circuit, and I completed it.. I was even able to jog for almost 2 minutes for my last two minutes of the run.. Man was I excited. so that was my day today.

Now for a recap, I'll probably post this on a weekly basis, so people have an idea of what's gone on.. I'll post my weigh in weight, and pictures tomorrow, cause that's the actually weigh in date.. so anyway on with the recap

Friday - Started, Ran/Walked for 4 miles felt like crap

Saturday - Ran/Walked for 3.5 miles felt more like crap because my muscles were sore from the day before.. After run/walking I raked leaves for 7 hours.. yea that was awesome.

Sunday - Day of Rest

Monday - Swam for 20 minutes, then lifted weights for 45 minutes.. I felt inadequate cause I still felt like crap and could hardly swim a length of the pool.

Tuesday - I believe this was my turning point of the week. I slept in and didn't make it to the pool as planned, but went to lift weights, felt kind of sore, but was able to work through it. After lifting I ran/walked, and felt like I was starting to accomplish something

Wednesday - Failure.. I was still able to eat right, but I had no motivation whatsoever to run like I had planned.

Thursday - See above post.. I feel great

So that ends week 1 of 12 of the I am a Loser Competition. How much do you think I lost. I'm anxious to find out tomorrow morning. ok bye.